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What are the dangers associated with smoke inhalation?

When many individuals think about fires, they think about visible injuries, including scarring. They don't often think about the internal harm that a blaze can cause. Smoke inhalation can be just as deadly to you as an external burn injury can be, however.

Fire dangers that exist at apartment complexes

Many benefits come from living in a multi-family dwelling. Shared living situations come with some downsides though as well. Residents have little control over what goes on in the unit next to them. There may be sound, cleanliness and fire issues. The latter, in particular, is a real concern for apartment dwellers.

What causes vehicles to catch on fire?

Vehicles break down all the time, but people generally don't expect them to catch on fire. Unfortunately, they sometimes do. An instance like this can result in someone suffering a serious injury or being killed. Vehicles can catch on fire for several reasons. It can happen as a result of a crash or due to some type of mechanical or electrical issue.

Why you have to care for your burnt skin even once you're home

If you've suffered a burn, then you probably realize that the skin that was damaged in a fire or some other type of injuring incident isn't as thick as it is on the rest of your body. This may even be the case if you've had a shift graft procedure performed on you. You should take this as a sign that you need to care for your skin a bit differently. You could experience some additional dangerous complications if you don't.

How hypertrophic types of burn scars can rob you of your mobility

If you've ever encountered someone with distorted features or significant scarring, then they may have suffered such injuries in a fire. While many individuals who are burned heal within a few days or weeks, countless others are left with noticeable scarring. These scars are often more life-altering than they seem on the surface.

Why do structural fires occur more often in the winter?

If you watch the news, then you may feel as if you hear a lot more about fires in the winter than you do during other seasons of the year. You're not imagining things. A study previously published by the United States Fire Administration pointed out how there's an uptick in structural fires during the winter. There are a few primary reasons that these blazes occur when it's cold outside.

Burn victims may undergo various types of skin graft procedures

Most individuals who burn themselves suffer relatively minor first-degree burns. These generally heal naturally over time without you having to give them much attention. This isn't the case with more serious second- or third-degree burns though. Individuals with this severe of an injury generally need to be hospitalized. Some patients may even need skin grafts if their burns are particularly large, deep or disfiguring.

What are common causes of the most severe burns?

Burns can be caused by a variety of factors including nuclear radiation, sunlight, chemicals, electricity or heat. None of these factors are the leading causes of burns among Americans, though. Factors such as home fires or contact with steam, flammable gases or liquids or hot fluids are the leading causes of burns here in this country.

Why are burns, especially those to the face, so dangerous?

Burns are dangerous. First-degree burns are the least severe. Third-degree burns are the most serious. If left untreated, a burn can cause you to become dehydrated and develop an infection. Sepsis is one of the more serious types of infections that you can contract. Individuals with sepsis often die.


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