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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

A Thomson mom who lost her 3 kids in a crash returns home

A crash between an 18-wheeler and a passenger car in Thomson in late September killed two kids on impact. The 16-year-old driver of that vehicle died the following day. Another passenger in the car, the decedents' mother, had been hospitalized since the crash recovering from life-threatening injuries. Doctors released her to go home to her family late last week though.

Explaining the dangers of a rollover car crash

Car crashes can be traumatic for anyone involved. Whether it's a rear-end or head-on collision, victims can suffer injuries ranging from minor to fatal. One of the most dangerous types of car crashes is that of the rollover crash. Why? A rollover crash can crush the vehicle and all those inside it, forcing emergency personnel to cut victims from the wreckage.

Controlling bleeding after a serious car accident

Severe bleeding can occur after suffering any type of injury, but it is especially common when involved in a serious car accident. Car accidents can leave victims paralyzed, with missing limbs and cause them to lose a lot of blood. Many victims suffer crush injuries, some of which happen to the head. Stopping the bleeding is important in keeping the patient conscious and gives them a better chance of recovery.

The dangers of a rollover car accident

Rollover car accidents are scary. They can happen at a moment's notice and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle and other property. These accidents can lead to traumatic injuries and even death. Today, we will explore the dangers of a rollover car accident so you know what to expect if ever involved in one.

Cellphones only one type of driving distraction

When we hear the term distracted driving, we immediately think about mobile phones and GPS systems. But there are plenty of other ways a driver can be distracted when behind the wheel. We will examine those other causes of distracted driving, which can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents, in today's post.

Crushing injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents aren't always fender benders. A large number of accidents are on the more serious side, leaving drivers and passengers injured and out of work for an extended period. Some of the most tragic accidents can lead to crushing injuries, where the victim is either crushed by another vehicle or has a part of their body crushed. Let's examine some of the crushing injuries you can suffer in a motor vehicle accident in today's post.

Georgia accident that killed 2 may have started with a DUI

If someone is climbing Brasstown Bald or riding fast watercraft off Little Tybee Island, he or she may think that driving around the Peach State is not the riskiest activity one could find. But the roads in Georgia can be treacherous, and some drivers end up liable for the injury and damage that they caused through recklessness or negligence.

Eatonton accident may have involved drugs

The open road is as close as many people get to feeling true freedom. Unfortunately, many people in Georgia also never get closer to the risk of physical harm or even death than on the road. The speed and size of cars, trucks and other vehicles are always enough to cause trauma if something goes wrong.

Brain injuries: Cognitive symptoms

You're involved in a car accident when a driver in a pickup truck fails to stop at a red light. They run through the light and hit your driver's side door as you go through on the cross street. While your seat belt protects you to some degree, your head swings to the side and impacts your window, leading to a serious brain injury.


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