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What business partners should discuss if one is facing a divorce

Divorces can shake up a lot of things in your life. Perhaps most notable of these is your family structure. What about your company, though? The end of your marriage may adversely impact your relationship with your business partner and cause your partnership to crumble.

Avoiding litigation when breaking a commercial lease

Sometimes a Georgia business is started with the best of intentions, but it experiences unexpected financial obstacles. As a result, its need for a large commercial space diminishes, and there is a desire to break the lease. In some cases, a business may be doing better than expected. Their leased space may no longer be adequate, making a break of the rental contract desirable. Perhaps a family emergency has happened. A business owner may need to sell their business and break their lease as a result.

Why do employers often get sued over nondisclosure agreements?

There are many Augusta businesses both large and small that have their employees sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). Many Georgia companies that have their workers enter into these contracts do so to protect their trade secrets or other valuable proprietary information. Some employers have their employees sign such agreements for far more insidious reasons including to deter workers from coming forward about being sexually harassed though. This is illegal.

How can you protect your business from getting sued

Setting up a business here in Georgia is relatively easy. Growing it into a successful one is harder to accomplish though. If you have a thriving company, then you likely don't want to do anything to jeopardize what you've accomplished. There are some basic steps that you should take to best protect your business.

How can you tell mediation isn't going to work for your business?

Many service contracts between an individual and companies or two businesses often contain a common clause. It often spells out how both parties are required to try to resolve any conflict via mediation first before they pursue any type of litigation. If you're like most people, then you may find it difficult to determine when you've given mediation your best effort and it's finally time to pursue litigation instead.

Expansion of new industries come from and lead to legal changes

Do you ever wonder why people work steady jobs at a big company where their efforts might go unnoticed? Then you may not have considered all the risks of trying to make it on your own. After a year or two trying to run your own business, you may be happy to sacrifice some liberties for a paycheck and health benefits.

What are deceptive trade practices under Georgia law?

It's a big part of the American dream for a person to own his or her own business. Sometimes, a new venture is the expression of a person's passion and it's hard to focus on anything else. But there is one thing that all business owners of all industries need, and that is the protection of the law.

Steps can be taken to reduce your risk of a partnership dispute

Many Augusta entrepreneurs choose to ally themselves with a strategic partner with a unique skill set that will help them company grow their Georgia company. While you may try to carefully select the person that you'll go into business with, you two may inevitably experience strife. There are some steps that you can take when selecting your partner to minimize your risk of that happening though.

Factors to keep in mind when negotiating contracts

Whether you rent homes to tenants or you do business with customers or vendors, the more relationships you have, the more likely it is that you'll have difficulty remembering all the ins and outs of promises you make to them or they extend to you. That's what it's important for anyone who runs a Georgia business to always have a contract in place outlining their agreement with them so that their interests are protected.


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