Realtors, remember to protect yourself from litigation

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Americans have a reputation for being litigious. People are often readily prepared to take legal measures when they believe someone has done them wrong. All Americans have the right to rely on the legal system for the acquisition of justice. However, the individuals targeted in a lawsuit might not deserve their trip through the nation’s justice system.

Those employed in the Augusta, Georgia, real estate industry, for example, are vulnerable to litigation, especially during residential real estate closings. What makes this vulnerability even more tragic is that most realtors find helping individuals acquire a home quite rewarding. As such, they strive to avoid causing financial damage to their clients.

Common reasons for claims against realtors

Learning the top reasons for litigation against realtors and real estate agencies can help agents avoid actions or mistakes that could lead to a lawsuit. Examples include the following:

  • Nondisclosure of all property defects
  • Failure to ensure a property’s safety (removing debris, etc.)
  • Inadvertently giving buyers or sellers legal advice
  • Failure to suggest property inspections
  • Misleading individuals about the features of a property
  • Not acting in a client’s best interests (breach of duty, etc.)
  • Failure to safeguard clients’ sensitive data
  • Acts of fraud or negligence, even accidental

If a lawsuit seems imminent, a lawyer with knowledge of residential real estate closings and other issues can fill a role of protection on your behalf. By working together, you can create a successful legal strategy showing why you do not deserve your current circumstances. A quick response can often stop a potential lawsuit before it becomes a large enough problem to damage your reputation and career.