When an electrical shock happens, get the victim help — fast

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Burn Injuries

When you work with electricity, you know that safety is a must — but even people who follow the proper safety precautions are at risk of suffering from an electrical shock, which can cause a serious burn and other injuries

What should you do if someone near you receives an electrical shock?

One of the risks of an electrical shock is that it can stop the heart, which can result in death. The victim of a shock may stop breathing and may need cardiopulmonary resuscitation in order to survive. The primary concern immediately following an electrical accident is making sure that the victim is breathing and that emergency medical services are summoned to help. 

Most victims of electrical accidents will need hospitalization. This can involve a host of interventions, including life-sustaining care in a hospital burn unit. Intravenous fluids might be necessary to help the body function properly again. 

The care for the burns that come with an electrical shock can also be intensive. Individuals who have these types of burns often have to have them cleaned and some may need surgical procedures to facilitate the healing. Not only is the process painful, but years of treatment may also be necessary for someone to recover.

How can victims pay for their hospital bills and treatments?

When the electrical shock and resulting burn are severe enough, the victim may be unable to work again for a long time — if ever. They might be severely limited even once they get out of the hospital. When an electrical injury or burn is the result of another party’s negligence, victims have a right to expect compensation for their losses and money that will cover their care. An experienced attorney can help you learn more.