Can someone fire a real estate agent right before a sale?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Residential Real Estate Closings

Real estate agents are hired on the behalf of potential home buyers, who then trust the agents to find homes that fit their criteria and set up showings. When the home changes hands, the agent makes money based on a percentage of the sale price. Typically, both sides have an agent, and those agents split the commission on the sale.

Typically, once an agent is hired, they remain with their client throughout the sales process.

Why do some clients choose to fire their realtor?

That said, some clients do decide to fire their agents before buying. Reasons to do so include:

  • The agent simply isn’t finding the right homes
  • The agent has poor communication skills
  • The two of you just are not all that compatible and struggle to get along
  • The buyer did not like the advice you gave them

Where things get complicated is when the sale has almost been made. Say you found a home that the buyer loved. You set up the showings, you connected with the seller, and you got the transaction in motion. Then, at the last second, your client decides to fire you and do the rest of the transaction without an agent at all. They may cite one of the reasons listed above, but you know that they’re really just trying to get out of paying you the commission that you already earned. 

What are your options if a client fires you?

There are enough challenges in this industry. You don’t need to lose out on valuable sales due to underhanded tactics by potential buyers. If you’re a real estate agent and something like this happens to you, make sure you know about all of the legal options you have.