What are the pros and cons to having your workers sign contracts?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2020 | Business Law

Employers have their workers sign work contracts for a variety of reasons. They may do so if they hire contractors who work on limited-scope projects. An employer who invests significant time recruiting top talent may also have their workers sign a contract to protect their investment. No one contract fits all situations. Employees and employers alike face many pros and cons when signing such agreements.

Companies who invest a lot of resources into recruiting the right candidate for a role may feel a sense of security in knowing that their employee will be with them for a set amount of time simply by having them sign a contract.

Having a worker sign a contract can also make them feel more confident knowing that their job is secure in an at-will state like Georgia. It may also make all the difference if you’re asking a job candidate to make a cross-country move as well. It gives them confidence in knowing that there’s little to no chance of their employer rescinding their job offer.

While there are many positives to signing employment contracts, there are also some negatives to doing so.

Prospective employees may be leery of signing work contracts because they fear an employer may try and bind them to unreasonable terms. It can be helpful if a prospective employee consults with an attorney to read over the contract before they sign on the dotted line. Their lawyer will likely hone on the termination process and any restrictive covenants that apply after the employee’s separation.

There are many different contracts that an employer may have their workers sign, including oral, written and at-will ones. There are non-disclosure or non-compete agreements as well. Employers may use the former to show that they’re serious about a particular employee. They may use the latter type of legally-binding agreement to protect their intellectual property or investment of resources.

Competition is fierce. Your employees may continue looking for bigger and better opportunities unless you put measures in place that give them a reason to focus on or commit to you. A business law attorney can help you and your Augusta company draft a contract that best protects you and your interests so that you feel more secure.