There’s a lot to fear when sharing the road with teen drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you were to ask most adult drivers when they experienced their first automobile accident, many would tell you it was back when they were teenagers. If you asked those same motorists what types of drivers they feared most on the road, teens would likely rank pretty high up on their list. They’d probably join the ranks of drunk or distracted vehicle operators. There are many valid reasons why adult motorists fear sharing the roads with teen drivers.

Data published by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Research Institute’s Teen Driver Source captures how the crash fatality rate among 16 to 19-year-olds is three times higher than for motorists 20 or older. Those same statistics show that motorists ages 16 and 17 have the highest fatal accident death rate.

One of the main reasons the researchers found that teen drivers have such a high death rate is that they tend to have continuing skill deficits even after completing the learner’s permit period.

Some of the more common errors teens make are that they often become distracted by something in their cars or an outside distraction. They may also be driving too fast for the road conditions. These two factors may explain why newly licensed teen motorists have higher rates of rear-end, left turn and off-road accidents than their adult counterparts. Another problem that the researchers found teen drivers struggle with is scanning for and responding to potential hazards.

The researchers point out that the more teens practice driving with their parents, the more likely it is that they will gain exposure to a variety of diverse driving scenarios. This can significantly improve their critical driving skills.

How involved a teen’s parents are in monitoring their driving matters, too. The researchers found that moms and dads who set rules for their teen drivers to follow and remain engaged in their kids’ lives can halve the crash rates of other teens with less involved parents.

Distractions, speeding and many other dangerous driving behaviors that teens engage in often result in some of the most catastrophic injuries that can occur. When a motor vehicle accident is severe, you need legal representation to cover the medical bills, lost wages and other crash-related expenses that you’re sure to have. A motor vehicle accidents attorney can help you recover the maximum compensation you need and deserve here in Augusta.