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August 2020 Archives

Fire dangers that exist at apartment complexes

Many benefits come from living in a multi-family dwelling. Shared living situations come with some downsides though as well. Residents have little control over what goes on in the unit next to them. There may be sound, cleanliness and fire issues. The latter, in particular, is a real concern for apartment dwellers.

Is it possible to negotiate the terms of your commercial lease?

Georgia business owners may find it challenging to locate commercial real estate that suits the unique needs of their companies. Upon finding an appropriate space, there may be a sense of urgency to move forward with the lease as fast as possible. This is especially true in a competitive market, but it is not always the most prudent course of action for a small business. 

Why should you attend the final walk-through before your closing?

If you're in the market to buy a home, you've likely heard of walk-throughs and home inspections. What you may not realize is that they're not the same. The purpose of a final walk-through is to allow you to confirm that the property is in the same condition now as when you last saw it. It also serves as an opportunity for you to request that the sellers make small repairs or modifications before the closing.

How to decide whether to refinance again

-Today, mortgage rates are at all-time lows. Thus, it's refinancing time for many borrowers once again. There are many benefits that homeowners can reap from refinancing their mortgages. Borrowers can lower their interest rates and save money in the long-term. Homeowners may reduce their monthly payments by doing this. Borrowers may no longer have to worry about balloon and fluctuating monthly payments if they switch to fixed-rate mortgages.


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