What are some of the most dangerous medical procedures?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Any medical procedure can have unexpected complications. However, some medical procedures are riskier than others.

One of the more risky procedures is gastric bypass surgery. Patients often undergo this operation in hopes that it will aid in their struggle with obesity. Statistics compiled by Healthcare Business & Technology show that individuals who undergo this procedure are at a significantly higher risk of having an adverse reaction to anesthesia and for developing pneumonia.

Heart disease is a common problem in America. Some people who suffer an advanced form of this condition end up having to undergo a surgical procedure known as septal myotomy to reduce the thickening of their heart muscles. Doctors often place patients who undergo this procedure on a cardiopulmonary bypass, or “heart-lung machine” for up to six hours. It’s not uncommon for patients with such a severe form of the disease to never recover post-operatively.

One of the most dangerous procedures that doctors perform is a craniectomy. The brain essentially acts as the chief operating system for the entire body. With a craniectomy, a portion of the skull is removed and not replaced after surgery.

Many things can go wrong with this type of procedure. Some common adverse outcomes include brain damage, vision loss, speech impairments, memory problems and balance issues. It’s not uncommon for patients to suffer strokes and seizures or for them to experience a buildup of excess brain fluid or swelling post-operatively, too.

While all medical procedures have inherent risks and don’t always turn out as expected, many of these adverse outcomes are preventable. It’s instances when an Augusta physician or other medical team member’s negligence results in your worsened health that Georgia law may allow you to sue for damages. A medical malpractice attorney can evaluate your case to see if it warrants your filing a lawsuit to recover compensation.