What is a compartment syndrome?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Although it’s rare, there are some instances in which car accident victims may get diagnosed with a painful condition known as compartment syndrome post-crash. A person with such a diagnosis often experiences a buildup of swelling and pressure in their leg and arm muscles. An individual with compartment syndrome often experiences these symptoms after disruption of blood flow and subsequent deprivation of oxygen and essential nutrients to the muscles and nerves within specific portions of their body.

A person’s forearms, upper arms, lower and upper legs are most affected by this syndrome. It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience swelling and pressure in their buttocks, hands, feet and thighs, though. This condition can cause an individual’s muscles to swell, causing their blood supply to those regions to be cut off. Severe pain can result. There may also be a decreased range of motion and permanent injury to the muscle and nerves in the affected areas.

There are two types of compartment syndrome; acute and chronic. The former can result from an individual suffering a serious injury like a fractured arm or leg in an auto accident. If this type of medical emergency is left untreated, permanent damage may result. A surgical procedure known as a fasciotomy is generally required to relieve the pressure to the muscles.

The most common type of compartment syndrome is chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS). CECS generally isn’t a medical emergency. This type of injury often results from vigorous, regular exercise. This condition is most common among athletes and, more specifically, runners. An individual’s CECS generally dissipates once they get some proper rest.

Some individuals here in Georgia who suffer from compartment syndrome must deal with repercussions of their illness for a limited amount of time. Others are unfortunate to experience the lingering effects of their condition in the long term. Individuals like the latter may require regular medical care if they intend to live their best life possible. Health care costs here in Augusta are expensive. An attorney can help you recover what you need to pay your more immediate medical bills as well as your future ones.