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June 2020 Archives

Avoiding litigation when breaking a commercial lease

Sometimes a Georgia business is started with the best of intentions, but it experiences unexpected financial obstacles. As a result, its need for a large commercial space diminishes, and there is a desire to break the lease. In some cases, a business may be doing better than expected. Their leased space may no longer be adequate, making a break of the rental contract desirable. Perhaps a family emergency has happened. A business owner may need to sell their business and break their lease as a result.

Emotional distress and whether it's covered as pain and suffering

Judges, juries and insurance companies generally don't award compensation for emotional distress, except in cases with severe injuries. How much a plaintiff may receive as a settlement may vary significantly from one case to the next.

Will self-driving vehicles really make Georgia roads safer?

Self-driving vehicles are going to be a reality in the near future. Many companies are currently competing to get their autonomous vehicles on the road as fast as possible, and you may have concerns about what this means for you. There are concerns about the safety and necessity of this type of technology, but experts claim it will make the roads safer by reducing accident numbers. 

Homeowners with poor credit scores can refinance their homes

Many Georgia homeowners find themselves looking into the prospect of refinancing their mortgages as interest rates are currently at historic lows. Not everyone has perfect credit, though. The good news is that your score may not prevent you from moving forward with the refinance process.

What is a compartment syndrome?

Although it's rare, there are some instances in which car accident victims may get diagnosed with a painful condition known as compartment syndrome post-crash. A person with such a diagnosis often experiences a buildup of swelling and pressure in their leg and arm muscles. An individual with compartment syndrome often experiences these symptoms after disruption of blood flow and subsequent deprivation of oxygen and essential nutrients to the muscles and nerves within specific portions of their body.


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