What causes vehicles to catch on fire?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Burn Injuries

Vehicles break down all the time, but people generally don’t expect them to catch on fire. Unfortunately, they sometimes do. An instance like this can result in someone suffering a serious injury or being killed. Vehicles can catch on fire for several reasons. It can happen as a result of a crash or due to some type of mechanical or electrical issue.

If you’re driving a vehicle and it suddenly catches on fire, then you should pull over immediately. You should turn off the engine and quickly exit the vehicle. It’s best if you get at least 100 feet away from the car. You shouldn’t return to it for any reason. You should call 911 to alert them as to the emergency instead.

Vehicles don’t generally catch on fire unless there’s some underlying issue that causes it to ignite. This is why you need to have your vehicle regularly serviced. This ensures that potential problems don’t spiral out of control.

Some potentially hazardous situations that you or your mechanic should be on the lookout for include loose or cracked wiring, fuses that have blown more than once and any other electrical problems. You should also address any oil or fluid leaks, improperly secured oil caps, rapid changes in fluid or fuel levels or engine temperature.

You should also be careful not to transport large amounts of gasoline. You should keep your windows open for ventilation if you do. You should also avoid placing any propane cylinders or gas cans in the passenger compartment if you’re going to transport them. You should never park near flammable materials.

Motorists should employ defensive driving techniques to avoid potentially fiery crashes as well.

Vehicle fires can happen for a variety of reasons. They can occur if you don’t properly maintain your vehicle or operate it safely as you travel to your destination. There are those instances in which another driver’s negligence, a manufacturing defect or someone else’s oversight results in individuals getting hurt.

It’s in instances like the latter that you owe it to yourself to have a burn injuries attorney review your case. Your Augusta lawyer will be able to advise you of how Georgia law allows you to hold negligent individuals accountable for their actions.