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May 2020 Archives

You may be able to sue your doctor for failing to get consent

Doctors aren't allowed to perform procedures on you without your consent. Virtually every state including Georgia requires doctors to inform patients about the severity of their medical condition as well as treatment options and the risks associated with them before performing any procedure.

Reasonable remedies for breach of contract

Contracts are some of the most important tools that Georgia businesses have in protecting their legal and financial interests. These agreements clearly establish the requirements and expectations of both parties in a business relationship. Your company can use contracts to reduce complications in everything from dealing with employees to purchasing supplies from a third party.

What causes vehicles to catch on fire?

Vehicles break down all the time, but people generally don't expect them to catch on fire. Unfortunately, they sometimes do. An instance like this can result in someone suffering a serious injury or being killed. Vehicles can catch on fire for several reasons. It can happen as a result of a crash or due to some type of mechanical or electrical issue.

Can real estate closings be delayed?

Delays to a property closing can happen for several reasons. There may be a defective title, causing the lender to request additional information. A home inspector may discover that there's been an infestation of pests and that repairs are needed. An appraisal may also come back that the house is valued at less than the original purchase price. This may impact a prospective homeowner's ability to qualify for the loan. These are just some of the reasons that home closings may be delayed.

When and where car crashes are most apt to occur

Driving is a very dangerous activity. This is one of the reasons why motorists are required to carry automobile insurance to protect them if they get hurt or they injure someone else. Vehicles have been manufactured with enhanced safety features in recent years. Even still, this has done very little to curb crash rates. It may be helpful for motorists to know when and where accidents occur, so that they can be even more vigilant to avoid crashes in such instances.

Factors that you need to consider before considering refinancing

Interest rates are at near-record lows, but that doesn't mean refinancing at this point is necessarily right for you. You need to know your credit score and take various details into consideration before you decide to refinance your mortgage.


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