What can motorcyclists do to make themselves more visible?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the great thrills that come with riding a motorbike here in Augusta is that you can experience the freedom of riding down Georgia’s many open roads. Motorcycles aren’t all fun and games though. Motorcyclists have to worry about getting struck by the motorists that they share the roads with. One of the most common reasons why motorcycle riders get hit is because motorists claim that they didn’t see them before they struck them. There are some things that motorcyclists can do to make themselves more visible though.

Motorcyclists can make themselves more visible to motorists by steering clear of car drivers’ blind spots. You should make sure that you pass another motorist as quickly as possible. This will allow them to continue tracking your movements. If you move too slowly, they may forget about you and strike you as they change lanes.

Another thing that you may want to consider doing if you’re passing a distracted motorist, an exit from a shopping center or moving through an intersection is to honk your horn twice. This can get a motorist’s attention and maybe reduce the chances of them pulling out in front of you.

While it can make you more visible if you purchase a brightly colored bike, there are things that you can do to draw attention to the one you have even if it’s painted a more subdued color. You can add reflective tape around your tire rims and/or wear high visibility, reflective clothing that makes you stand out.

There’s nothing more effective than making it a pracmitice to use your high beams though. You may want to add auxiliary lights to your bike to draw even more attention to it as well. If you have a motorist riding behind you that you’re concerned about, then pumping the brakes a few times may be enough to get them to back off.

It’s the responsibility of all motorists out on the road to look out for one another to avoid their chances of becoming involved in a crash. Many car drivers make a variety of excuses for why they can’t safely share the road with motorcyclists though. If you’ve been struck by a motorist while out riding your motorbike here in Georgia, then an attorney can let you know what steps to follow to pursue compensation for your injuries.