A Richmond County middle schooler is struck, injured

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office filed charges against a county school bus driver on Dec. 23. The law enforcement agency alleges that the bus operator’s actions on the afternoon of Dec. 13 resulted in a middle school student being struck by a passing sports utility vehicle (SUV).

A 12-year-old Pine Hill Middle School student was getting off her school bus at around 5:46 p.m. on the evening of Dec. 16 at her home located at 3800 Old Waynesboro Road.

The school bus driver reportedly never put her stop sign nor turned on her flashing lights to let motorists know that the girl would soon be exiting the vehicle. The teen stepped off the bus and attempted to cross the street to her home. It’s then that she was hit by a southbound 2002 Chevrolet Suburban.

Police investigators learned that the bus driver only put out her bus’ stop sign and illuminated her flashing lights after the crash occurred.

The SUV’s driver reportedly told police that they had no warning that a child would be exiting the bus and thus they continued as usual along their path. By the time the SUV’s driver saw the child, they’d already struck her. That driver dragged the girl approximately 100 feet before coming to a stop.

Police and paramedics were summoned to the scene. The teen was still conscious by the time that they arrived. She was transported to Augusta University Medical Center. She’s been described as having severe injuries.

A law enforcement spokesperson noted that their department declined to charge the SUV driver with any crime stemming from this incident. The bus driver faces felony child cruelty charges.

When we send our children off to school at a bus stop in the morning, we expect bus drivers and other caregivers to keep a watchful eye over them. Many of us know that it’s important for us to be cautious for children in and around schools, parks, in neighborhoods. We shouldn’t have to see a stop sign or flashing lights to remind us to do this.

Countless children are harmed at the hands of negligent motorists every year here. These types of incidents happen in Georgia and elsewhere in the country. If your child has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, then a motor vehicle accidents attorney can advise you of your right to file suit in your case.