What are common causes of the most severe burns?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2019 | Burn Injuries

Burns can be caused by a variety of factors including nuclear radiation, sunlight, chemicals, electricity or heat. None of these factors are the leading causes of burns among Americans, though. Factors such as home fires or contact with steam, flammable gases or liquids or hot fluids are the leading causes of burns here in this country.

While many burns that individuals suffer are relatively superficial and only leave an individual with temporary scars or discomfort, many people die from burn-related injuries each year.

Burns are classified based on a variety of factors including size, how many layers of skin that they affect and location. The more widespread or deep a burn is, the more time that it’s likely to take for doctors to treat it.

Individuals with the most serious third- or fourth-degree burns may require around the clock care to change their dressings and to monitor for infection. They may be left with disfiguring injuries. It’s also possible for an individual to be left with significant nerve damage that impacts them for the rest of their life.

Augusta fire investigators are often called in to try to determine what may have resulted in a blaze getting underway. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators may be called in to try and figure out what happened if you were hurt on the job.

A burn injuries attorney can use the information contained in these investigators’ reports to determine who may have been liable for your injuries. If these documents show that someone other than yourself was responsible for what happened, then your Georgia attorney may advise you of your right to hold any negligent parties accountable for what happened.