Cellphones only one type of driving distraction

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When we hear the term distracted driving, we immediately think about mobile phones and GPS systems. But there are plenty of other ways a driver can be distracted when behind the wheel. We will examine those other causes of distracted driving, which can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents, in today’s post.

Simply having a conversation with a passenger in your car can lead to distracted driving. This includes someone sitting up front with you or your children in the back seat. Limit conversation as much as possible in order to concentrate on driving.

Switching the channels of the radio or changing CDs can also cause distractions. You are not focusing on what is happening in front of you. Instead, your are concentrating on finding the best song or looking for your favorite CD.

Even enjoying a nice cup of coffee or a breakfast sandwich on your morning commute can lead to a distracted driving accident. You can easily spill hot coffee all over you, causing serious burns and other problems.

Reading while driving is another common distraction. This includes reading a newspaper or a billboard on the side of the road. Billboards have been around for decades, yet aren’t always viewed as distractions for drivers.

Do you tend to use a portable razor while driving? This is a serious problem. Even though you think you are saving time, you are not completely focused on driving. The same goes for those who apply makeup while driving or decide it’s a good time to tie their tie.

As you can see, distracted driving is not only caused by using a mobile phone. It includes any activity that takes your hand off the wheel, your eyes off the road and your mind off the task of driving.