Expansion of new industries come from and lead to legal changes

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Business Law

Do you ever wonder why people work steady jobs at a big company where their efforts might go unnoticed? Then you may not have considered all the risks of trying to make it on your own. After a year or two trying to run your own business, you may be happy to sacrifice some liberties for a paycheck and health benefits.

Georgia is a business-friendly state, but even well-meaning regulations can hobble business owners and managers. Innovating new products and expanding to new markets can run into limits that have yet to be reconciled with changes in laws, especially in new industries or areas.

The expansion of the marijuana industry is experiencing these situations as the substance is decriminalized and legalized in different ways and for different populations. The legalization of cannabis oil with up to 5% of the psychoactive substance THC is welcomed by entrepreneurs but has yet to be turned into practical business regulations.

The bill in the state government in Atlanta allowed for six state licenses to be granted to private companies to produce cannabis oil. Four of these must be smaller companies. Patients with one or more of 16 specific conditions are allowed to possess the oil for medicinal purposes.

Owners and managers facing business-related legal issues may require the help of an attorney. Businesses often enjoy a higher degree of security when they have retained legal representation as a retainer or to help with specific issues. A lawyer can help with entering new industries or expanding to offer new services and products to new markets.