Crushing injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents aren’t always fender benders. A large number of accidents are on the more serious side, leaving drivers and passengers injured and out of work for an extended period. Some of the most tragic accidents can lead to crushing injuries, where the victim is either crushed by another vehicle or has a part of their body crushed. Let’s examine some of the crushing injuries you can suffer in a motor vehicle accident in today’s post.

The victim of a motor vehicle accident, depending on its severity, can suffer any of the following crushing injuries:

  • Crushed arms or legs
  • Crushed ribs
  • Crushed skull
  • Crushed hands or feet

A crush injury is devastating. It often happens when the victim’s vehicle is overrun by a large commercial truck or if the vehicle runs underneath a large truck or bus in an accident. It can also happen if the victim’s vehicle rolls over multiple times, which often leads to the vehicle being crushed.

Crush injuries often lead to amputation of the arm or leg when the accident occurs, or the victim might need to have a body part amputated when they arrive at the hospital. The most tragic of crashes can lead to surgeons being called to an accident scene to amputate a body part in order to successfully remove a patient from a vehicle.

Suffering a crushing injury in an Augusta motor vehicle accident will change your life instantly. You will need help with daily activities, will likely require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Make sure you do everything possible to obtain compensation for your injuries.