Should your company utilize non-disclosure agreements?

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Employment contracts can protect the interests of many different types of Georgia small businesses. They can help outline expectations and responsibilities of both employer and employees, and they can reduce the chance of complications and disputes in the future. There is no one-size-fits-all employment contract, and you can craft yours to suit the individual needs of your company.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to consider including a non-disclosure agreement as part of your employment contracts. That will help you keep important information safe and proprietary information where it belongs. These types of agreements require the signee to keep specific types of information private, and your business can utilize them to protect intellectual property.

What can your NDA do for you?

Asking your employees to sign NDAs can be a smart business move, but is this really necessary for your particular company needs? If your business has any need to keep certain things secret, these agreements can be helpful. From client lists to secret recipes, there are many ways that an NDA can help your company, including helping you protect the following things:

  • Information about a potential business plan or new invention
  • Knowledge of lab results, test results or other private client information
  • Trade secrets that are specific to your company
  • Intellectual property that your employees may have access to

You can include NDAs as part of your employee contracts, but that is not the only way that you may benefit from these types of agreements. It may be appropriate to have NDAs for discussing things with potential investors, third parties and contractors.

Certain information, trade secrets and processes are what give you a competitive advantage and set your company apart. It is in your interests to learn how you can protect these things and avoid complications regarding the misuse of your intellectual property.

Enforcement issues

If you think that NDAs could be a smart tool to utilize for your company, it is beneficial to think about the terms you use. It may help to work with an experienced business law attorney to make sure that any type of contract you draft is enforceable and appropriate.

Before you have employees sign an agreement or start drafting an NDA, it may help to start with a complete evaluation of your case and assessment of your specific business needs. This can help you move forward with the course of action most appropriate for your company.