Atlanta health care included pulling the wrong teeth

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Medical Malpractice

People need to trust their doctors. It is one of the most fundamentally important parts of the doctor-patient relationship. Patients may return to the same doctor for decades because of a certain likable manner that engenders trust, and a patient may be put off of a life-saving surgeon because of a cocky attitude.

Reputation matters a lot when choosing a doctor. No one wants to face the need to sue a physician or a medical institution for medical malpractice after an injury, illness or disability due to an error or omission by clinical staff.

Several doctors and dentists in a federal health system serving Atlanta are facing accusations of systemic poor judgment that left many patients with worse problems than before a visit for care. One report showed that some dentists habitually pulled the wrong teeth.

One patient had eight teeth pulled as well as the ones scheduled for removal. Records show that a manager of the health system apologized for the incident.

Victims of serious medical malpractice may be facing years of recovery or a lifetime of effects of a physician’s bad call. It is impossible to quantify the quality of life that is lost in these incidents, but financial damages can go some of the way toward helping make victims whole.

Legal representation is often a good idea when patients and their families are considering a lawsuit in civil court for damages. An attorney can represent a client’s interest in documents, hearings and other required aspects of a lawsuit claiming damages or a settlement agreeing to compensatory payouts.