What are deceptive trade practices under Georgia law?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Business Law

It’s a big part of the American dream for a person to own his or her own business. Sometimes, a new venture is the expression of a person’s passion and it’s hard to focus on anything else. But there is one thing that all business owners of all industries need, and that is the protection of the law.

What are the laws in Georgia that deal with business practices?

Antitrust laws keep businesses competitive and interest rate laws prevent abuses by creditors. One class of laws that protect businesses and their clients is deceptive trade practice law. These laws restrict false advertising and ensure that services and products are what they are purported to be.

What is considered a deceptive trade practice under Georgia law?

The advertising or claim that a product is something other than it is or was made by a creator other than the true one may be considered false advertising, punishable as a misdemeanor. Selling used goods as if they are new is also considered deceptive, as are misleading statements about the price or origin of a product.

How can businesses and clients use these laws to protect themselves?

Disclaimers and addenda to claims may acquit businesses for acts that would otherwise be deceptive. Clear attention to all details in a business’ promise is vital to avoid false advertising and deceptive practices. Victims of deceptive trade practices may seek damages in civil court regardless of criminal charges for false advertising. An attorney can help point out what may be actionable after a business transaction has left someone out in the cold.