Brain injuries: Cognitive symptoms

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You’re involved in a car accident when a driver in a pickup truck fails to stop at a red light. They run through the light and hit your driver’s side door as you go through on the cross street. While your seat belt protects you to some degree, your head swings to the side and impacts your window, leading to a serious brain injury.

Your physical issues heal after the incident, but your cognitive problems remain. They may include:

  • A shorter attention span than you had before the accident
  • Problems processing the information before you, whether someone else is telling it to you or you’re simply taking it in yourself. This could include sights, sounds and smells.
  • Difficulty telling other people what you think and expressing yourself in a coherent manner
  • Trouble with long-term or short-term memories — or both
  • Failing to understand difficult and abstract concepts, even though you could do so before the crash
  • Trouble making decisions, leading to mistakes and stress you could have otherwise avoided

Even after you feel physically healthy again, are these cognitive issues going to hold you back? Will they make it impossible for you to work again? Will they impact your relationships with the people who are closest to you? Remember that you may have to deal with these things for the rest of your life and so you may feel like you never fully recovered from that car accident.

Brain injuries can be incredibly frustrating, bringing on the need for serious medical care, therapy, medication and much more. For all of your costs after the crash, make sure you know your legal options for obtaining compensation.