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March 2019 Archives

Brain injuries: Cognitive symptoms

You're involved in a car accident when a driver in a pickup truck fails to stop at a red light. They run through the light and hit your driver's side door as you go through on the cross street. While your seat belt protects you to some degree, your head swings to the side and impacts your window, leading to a serious brain injury.

Pedestrian fatalities spike across Georgia

Georgia has many breathtaking walking trails, and you may be among the many who take advantage of them for pleasure or for improving your health. However, even if you are not an avid walker, chances are you find yourself on foot among traffic from time to time. Whether you are strolling among the eateries and shops in downtown or crossing the parking lot to the grocery store, you know the risks you take when drivers are not aware or respectful of your presence.

An Augusta couple sues University Hospital after miscarrying

An Augusta couple filed a lawsuit against University Hospital on May 13. They're seeking $2 million after they say that a doctor and nurse at the hospital were negligent in diagnosing her abdominal pain and in handling her miscarried fetus.

How you can avoid being sued by your clients as a realtor

Many people who aren't involved in the real estate industry think that selling a house is relatively easy. Few realize how much work is involved in securing a listing, generating interest among qualified buyers, negotiating an offer and getting a client to the closing table. One reason that Augusta realtors take classes and have to pass a test to become a licensed realtor in Georgia is to minimize their risk of being sued.

Georgia lawmakers aim to limit dangerous police pursuits

High-speed police chases may be exciting to watch on the local news from the comfort of your living room. However, for motorists who are on the roads along the route where the chase is taking place, there can be serious and -- too often -- deadly consequences.


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