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January 2019 Archives

Factors for consideration when forming a business

Starting a business is an exciting step for many Georgia entrepreneurs. This decision can represent many years of preparation and planning, and it is important for the future success of your business that you take the right steps to set everything up correctly. One of the first decisions to make is to carefully choose the right entity for your business.

Why do emergency room doctors get sued for malpractice?

When you hear about a patient being misdiagnosed, it's often because their radiologist incorrectly read their X-rays, or their specialist didn't order the right tests. The truth of the matter is that of all doctors, emergency room doctors are most apt to erroneously diagnose a patient.

Factors to keep in mind when negotiating contracts

Whether you rent homes to tenants or you do business with customers or vendors, the more relationships you have, the more likely it is that you'll have difficulty remembering all the ins and outs of promises you make to them or they extend to you. That's what it's important for anyone who runs a Georgia business to always have a contract in place outlining their agreement with them so that their interests are protected.

Smoke inhalation isn't the only type of burn injury that kills

When many people hear the terminology "burn injuries," they seldom think about smoke inhalation. They should, though. According to the Burn Institute, at least 50 percent of those who die from fire-related injuries are killed by smoke inhalation.

What doctors must do to stop wrong-site surgery

Just the thought of wrong-site surgery probably makes you cringe. You quickly think of the dramatic examples: amputating the wrong limb, operating on the wrong eye, removing a healthy lung. These are serious, devastating issues that can leave patients with permanent disabilities.

When can sellers back out of a real estate deal?

After many weekends and evenings driving around eastern Georgia, your clients finally found a home that checks off the many items on their wish list. They agreed to the terms of the contract, and the real estate transaction process was set into motion. Suddenly, the sellers contacted you to say they were not going through with the sale. Your clients felt crushed and wondered if they could sue the seller for breach of contract.

What is title insurance, and who pays for it?

If you've been crunching numbers in anticipation of buying a new home, then you've likely come across title insurance as one of those costs that you have to foot the bill for. If you've never purchased a home before, you may be wondering what it is, how much coverage you need and who pays for it.


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