How does a spinal injury affect patients?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the most common injuries in a car crash is an injury to the spinal cord. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injuries in those under the age of 65. These injuries, whether complete or incomplete, change a victim’s life forever.

Generally speaking, spinal cord injuries impact a certain part of the spinal cord and any body part from the point of injury downward. On top of that, patients often struggle with mental health concerns following these injuries, since they are unable to do many of the things they did prior to being injured.

The good news is that medical advances mean that many who suffer from these injuries could have a potential to recover in the future. However, medical treatments are extremely expensive, and until then, patients need financial support as they focus on getting their lives back.

How does a spinal injury affect patients?

It depends on the injury. There are various degrees of spinal injuries, with complete being the most significant. Incomplete injuries range in severity. With complete injuries, the individual loses all function and sensation below the point of injury. With incomplete, they may lose sensation only, feel weaker than normal or have any range of other sensations.

Victims of car crashes are likely to suffer these injuries, but they should not have to face them alone. With the right settlement, there will be the financial backing patients need to seek out medical treatments to help them overcome disability and changes to their lives.