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July 2018 Archives

Where do burn injuries most often occur and who is most affected?

As the American Burn Association set out to commemorate National Burn Awareness Week in February, they released a report acknowledging that burn injuries are one of the top causes of unintendend bodily harm or death in this country. They also reported that the odds of an American dying from burns or fire-related injuries is close to 1 in 1,500. Firefighters aren't the only ones at risk for such injuries either.

Evaluating whether your home has a lien on it is critical

Whether you're looking to buy a home or a piece of property or you're looking to sell your own, you can benefit from finding out whether there are any liens against it before you move any further along in the sales or buying process.

Did issues arise in your title search?

When you purchase your home, you expect to own it free and clear. In order to make sure that happens, you will need a title search done to determine whether anyone else may have a right to the property. You may find it surprising how often this happens.

How does a spinal injury affect patients?

One of the most common injuries in a car crash is an injury to the spinal cord. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic spinal cord injuries in those under the age of 65. These injuries, whether complete or incomplete, change a victim's life forever.


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