Georgia’s new distracted driving law will soon take effect

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is no minor thing. It a significant safety danger. The accidents coming from this unsafe driving behavior can cause incredibly serious injuries. These injuries can have life-long impacts, which is among the reasons why legal claims for compensation can be such an important thing for victims of distracted driving crashes.

Many different things contribute to distracted driving. Cellphone use is a very common form of distracted driving these days. From taking or making calls, to texting, to checking the internet, there are all kinds of things drivers might try to do on their phones when their attention should instead be fixed on the roads.

A new law will soon go into effect here in Georgia aimed at addressing cellphone-related distracted driving. The law puts a full ban on using a handheld phone when behind the wheel. It does allow drivers to use hands-free systems.

Currently, 15 other states have a similar ban in place.

The governor signed the cellphone ban in early May and it will go into force out on Georgia’s roads at the start of July. Drivers who violate the ban will be subject to fines and driver’s license points. For a first offense, the penalty will be $150 and three license points.

What are your thoughts on this new traffic safety law? What impacts do you think this ban, once it goes into effect, will have on driver behavior here in Georgia? Do you think it will lead to a major reduction in distracted driving accidents in the state?