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Peripheral Neuropathy can be deadly for those with burn injuries

An article published in the Clinics in Plastic Surgery journal in Oct. 2017 captured how two of the more common conditions that burn victims suffer from that results in a significant number of deaths are nerve compression syndrome and peripheral neuropathy. The study's authors note that the patients who experience the best outcomes receive the most effective and earliest treatment.

The authors of the study hypothesize that peripheral neuropathy likely results from the destruction of nerves when someone suffers a severe burn. They also discovered that patients who end up with peripheral neuropathy diagnoses tend to develop the condition anywhere from a week into their hospitalization up to several months post-closure of their wound. As of press time, the researchers noted that the most popular treatment of this condition was a surgical procedure aimed at releasing compressed "trapper" nerves but that they need to find additional ways to address this concern.

What are the pros and cons to having your workers sign contracts?

Employers have their workers sign work contracts for a variety of reasons. They may do so if they hire contractors who work on limited-scope projects. An employer who invests significant time recruiting top talent may also have their workers sign a contract to protect their investment. No one contract fits all situations. Employees and employers alike face many pros and cons when signing such agreements.

Companies who invest a lot of resources into recruiting the right candidate for a role may feel a sense of security in knowing that their employee will be with them for a set amount of time simply by having them sign a contract.

Are some pedestrians more at risk of getting hit than others?

There were nearly 6,000 pedestrians that lost their lives in crashes in 2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Another 137,000 people visited the emergency room with non-fatal crash-related injuries that same year. Some pedestrians were more vulnerable than others. Many of their injuries or deaths were preventable.

CDC data shows that 20% of the pedestrians that died in 2017 were children 14 or younger. At least 10% of those who suffered injuries while walking that same year were individuals 65 or over. At least 20% of the traffic accident victims were pedestrians of the same age range.

Don't make this mistake when refinancing your mortgage

Home interest rates reached all-time lows in recent months, a factor that motivated many homeowners to look into refinancing their mortgages. While the thought of changing out your interest rate for a lower one and reducing your monthly mortgage payment may seem ideal, it may not be as good as it looks. Personal finance guru Suze Orman recently highlighted one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when they refinance their homes.

Orman notes that many homeowners are often so excited about reducing their mortgage interest rate that they often rush into refinancing their homes without thinking about its downsides.

What are some complications sinus surgery patients face?

Like any other operation, many dangers come with someone undergoing endoscopic sinus surgery. Some of the more common ones associated with this procedure include blood loss, spinal fluid leaks, a loss of acuity of your senses and visual problems. While some of these complications may be inevitable, others may occur due to medical errors.

The sinuses are uniquely located nearest our brains. There are recorded cases in which doctors have punctured a membrane separating the two causing the spinal fluid that surrounds the brain to leak. Such medical errors have even resulted in meningitis infections. It's not uncommon for individuals who experience these complications to need an additional surgical procedure and hospitalization to resolve these concerns.

Do 'for sale by owner" closings need an attorney?

Although realtors generally only earn a small commission on the sale of their clients' homes, many financially savvy homeowners set out to try to sell their homes themselves to save some money. What many Georgians who pursue the "for sale by owner" option don't realize is that they can't handle every aspect of the home selling process by themselves. Georgia law requires residents to have an attorney oversee their closing.

Many Augusta homeowners hire a realtor to handle the marketing of their homes and to help them in negotiating the terms of the sale. While you may not need a real estate agent's assistance in marketing, you may still need someone to help with the negotiation process with your potential buyer. A real estate closing attorney who's emotionally unattached to the home can handle this process for you.

What are the dangers associated with smoke inhalation?

When many individuals think about fires, they think about visible injuries, including scarring. They don't often think about the internal harm that a blaze can cause. Smoke inhalation can be just as deadly to you as an external burn injury can be, however.

Smoke is a mixture of gases with various liquid particles and airborne solids. House fires cause hundreds of toxic chemicals to release into the air. Factors that impact this release's intensity include the fire's temperature, the abundance of oxygen in the air and the burning materials present.

There's a lot to fear when sharing the road with teen drivers

If you were to ask most adult drivers when they experienced their first automobile accident, many would tell you it was back when they were teenagers. If you asked those same motorists what types of drivers they feared most on the road, teens would likely rank pretty high up on their list. They'd probably join the ranks of drunk or distracted vehicle operators. There are many valid reasons why adult motorists fear sharing the roads with teen drivers.

Data published by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Research Institute's Teen Driver Source captures how the crash fatality rate among 16 to 19-year-olds is three times higher than for motorists 20 or older. Those same statistics show that motorists ages 16 and 17 have the highest fatal accident death rate.

Blunt trauma from a car accident can cause serious injuries

Scenes involving twisted limbs and copious amounts of blood are often what first come to mind when people think of serious injuries. However, some serious injuries may not show any outward signs of trauma, at least not immediately. It is important to keep in mind that just because a person is not bleeding, it does not mean that he or she has not suffered serious injuries.

You may have recently begun to understand this type of scenario after a recent car accident. You suffered blunt trauma in the incident that caused serious injuries but not in the ways you may have expected after a severe crash.

Why patients sue their dentists

When patients think about medical procedures that have poor outcomes, they often think about surgical ones that happen in a hospital. The truth is that things can just as quickly go wrong in your dentist's chair as well.

A 2015 U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics report showed that 15% of the 16,397 cases that came before judges in the U.S. in 2005 were medical malpractice ones. An estimated 5% of those involved dentists.


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