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Many homeowners refinancing their mortgages as rates fall again

Many homeowners here in Augusta and elsewhere in Georgia may be looking to refinance their mortgages soon. A new report from MarketWatch shows that the yield on Treasury notes declined earlier this month. This caused a chain reaction whereby mortgage rates also have fallen.

MarketWatch's report shows that the 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage percentage dropped 3 basis points to 3.35% in just a single week earlier this month. The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage rate went down to 3.05%. This is nine basis points lower from what it was earlier this month.

Why are burns, especially those to the face, so dangerous?

Burns are dangerous. First-degree burns are the least severe. Third-degree burns are the most serious. If left untreated, a burn can cause you to become dehydrated and develop an infection. Sepsis is one of the more serious types of infections that you can contract. Individuals with sepsis often die.

One of perhaps the most serious places that you can be burned is on your face. These types of burns are different from other burns in that they're not just superficial. They can impact more than the external portion of your body. Facial burns can become infected.

Explaining why medical malpractice cases are difficult to prove

Victims of medical malpractice often find themselves in precarious situations for many reasons. One of which is that it can be difficult to prove medical malpractice. There are plenty of reasons why you should consult with an experienced attorney when injured at the hands of a medical professional. We will discuss why it is so difficult to prove a medical malpractice case.

One of the biggest reasons why these cases are so difficult to prove is that there is a much higher burden of proof assigned to these cases. You and your attorney must be able to show that the medical professional went against the standard of care accepted in their practice area. You cannot simply show negligence.

Explaining the dangers of a rollover car crash

Car crashes can be traumatic for anyone involved. Whether it's a rear-end or head-on collision, victims can suffer injuries ranging from minor to fatal. One of the most dangerous types of car crashes is that of the rollover crash. Why? A rollover crash can crush the vehicle and all those inside it, forcing emergency personnel to cut victims from the wreckage.

Victims of a rollover crash are likely to suffer multiple broken bones. A vehicle that rolls will become crushed on one side or throughout the entirety of the vehicle. All of this metal closing in on the passengers can lead to broken bones, some of which might require surgery to repair.

Protecting your interests before you have surgery

Preparing to have surgery can be a frightening experience, especially if you have never gone under the knife before. Maybe you've heard stories about surgeries gone wrong, or you are simply overwhelmed by the prospect of being under anesthesia. You may be nervous about many aspects of your surgery, but you can take certain actions to protect your interests and even give yourself a little peace of mind during this time.

You've probably talked to your Georgia doctor about your need for this procedure, and maybe you've even had the chance to discuss the surgery with person who will be operating on you. Still, you may want to ask a few questions that will help you feel better about what's ahead. These questions may also help you avoid potential problems.

Common causes of workplace burn injuries

Hundreds of thousands of people receive treatment every year across the country for burn injuries. These injuries range from minor to deadly. Victims can suffer burn injuries by being exposed to flames, chemicals, radiation, heat and other sources. Today, we will explore the common causes of workplace burn injuries so that you know what to avoid on the job.

Most people associate burn injuries with fire or touching something that is hot. While this is true, burns at work can be caused by a litany of things aside from flames or hot items.

What to expect at the closing of your home purchase

When you decide it's time to buy a home, you will probably be flush with emotions. You may be nervous about the amount of money you are committing and worried that something will be found in the inspection. Once all the worry subsides, it's time to move forward with the purchase of the home. So, what can you expect at closing? We will explore closing on a home in today's post.

There will be quite a few different people present at a residential real estate closing. They include the following:

  • A closing agent
  • The home seller
  • The home seller's attorney
  • Your attorney
  • The real estate agent of the seller
  • The lender
  • Your real estate agent
  • You

Controlling bleeding after a serious car accident

Severe bleeding can occur after suffering any type of injury, but it is especially common when involved in a serious car accident. Car accidents can leave victims paralyzed, with missing limbs and cause them to lose a lot of blood. Many victims suffer crush injuries, some of which happen to the head. Stopping the bleeding is important in keeping the patient conscious and gives them a better chance of recovery.

The steps to stop excessive bleeding are as follows:

  • Remove clothing and debris from the victim near the wound
  • Place a sterile bandage on the wound, if you have one
  • Use clean clothing to cover the wound, if available
  • Apply pressure to the wound constantly until the bleeding stops
  • Apply a tourniquet if available and the bleeding is life-threatening
  • Never remove gauze, bandages or clothing covering the wound if the blood seeps through. Simply add more layers and continue to apply pressure
  • Raise the injured limb above the heart of the victim
  • Apply tape to the bandage or gauze to hold it in place and make it easier for you to apply pressure
  • Try to have the victim lie down
  • Immobilize the injured part of the victim's body as best you can

Medical malpractice and birth injuries to your child

When the time comes to start a family, you will be excited and worried all at once. Why? Pregnancy can be stressful to some, especially if you have had difficult pregnancies in the past. Childbirth can also be a scary thought. It's not out of the realm of possibility for your child to suffer a birth injury due to the negligence of a nurse or doctor.

How can a birth injury be considered medical malpractice? For starters, most children injured before, during or after birth are injured because of the actions or inaction of the medical staff caring for the mother and child. Medical malpractice in childbirth can be caused by any of the following:

  • Failure to recognize warning signs of diabetes or blood pressure issues in the mother or the baby
  • Failure to diagnose the mother with serious medical conditions
  • Failure to treat the mother for identified medical conditions
  • Failure to monitor the heart rate of the baby
  • Improper use of delivery instruments
  • Failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner
  • Failure to provide the newborn baby with oxygen when it is needed
  • Administering the incorrect medications to the mother before or during childbirth

Make sure you include contingencies in your real estate contract

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. While you may hope that everything will go according to plan, it would be a good idea to prepare in case it doesn't.

When you negotiate your real estate purchase contract, you may want to include some contingencies to protect you from certain events.


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