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Why do medication errors occur and how can you prevent them?

Medication errors can be made by drug manufacturers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists or anyone else who is responsible for producing, prescribing, distributing or administering drugs. A medication error can result in an adverse patient reaction. They're virtually always a preventable event.

A doctor may provide a patient with the wrong medication for their condition or one that adversely interacts with another drug that they're on. This often happens because they don't ask enough questions.

Refinancing your mortgage can save you money

According to personal finance website MyFinance, as many as 2 million homeowners may have refinanced their homes last year here in the United States. The financial value of these deals came in just shy of $749 billion. An estimated 6.7 million homeowners are eligible, yet haven't taken the necessary steps to refinance their homes.

Most homeowners who have refinanced their homes in recent years have been motivated to do so because of the record low-interest rates that have been in place since not too long after the 2008 recession passed. While the federal government has threatened to raise rates, they've done little to put that plan into motion.

A suspect gives chase along Gordon Highway, the officer is hurt

A 26-year-old Augusta man is wanted for felony fleeing and eluding charges after he fled in a vehicle from a Richmond County deputy sheriff at around 1:30 a.m., on Tuesday, Sept. 4. The pursuit ended when the deputy was seriously injured in a crash.

An incident report in the case shows that the officer first starting pursuing the motorist after he failed to pull over for a minor traffic infraction along Augusta's Gordon Highway. Instead of doing so, he took off in his 2013 Dodge Avenger. At various points in time, his speed reached as high as 90 miles per hour.

Seeking reasonable solutions to boundary disputes

When there are disputes over property lines, it can have a significant impact on how you use your Georgia property. Boundary disputes can be difficult legal matters, but with help, it is possible to seek a reasonable solution to your concerns. It is beneficial to seek a resolution to this issue as quickly as possible.

If you and your neighbor cannot agree on the location of property lines, there are legal ways by which you can resolve this issue. This can allow you to move forward and use your property as you see fit. These complications can be stressful and lead to other problems, and it is in your interests to deal with it appropriately and quickly.

Real estate attorneys should negotiate sales and purchases

In this do-it-yourself era in which we all live in, many of us think that we can just look something up online or just "wing it" and it will all work out fine. When it comes to either selling or buying real estate, trying to handle a transaction as large as this on your own may not be in your best interest, especially since big dollars are at stake.

Whether you're buying or selling a home, having an attorney represent you during the price negotiation process can be helpful. You have to keep in mind that the buyer is always going to be focused on getting the price down whereas the seller is going to be consumed by making sure the home goes for much higher.

What's the difference between the different degrees of burns?

If you've ever read a news story about injuries people suffered in a fire, then you've likely heard their burns classified as first, second or third degree ones. What you may not have known though is what distinguishes one from the next.

Whether an injury is classified as a first, second or third-degree burn depends on how many layers of skin are damaged by the burn.

An Augusta man is sentenced for a car crash that killed an airman

A 32-year-old Augusta man entered an early guilty plea on one count of first-degree murder on Monday, Aug. 13 in Columbia County Superior Court.

The defendant had initially been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the days after he had allegedly caused a fatal car crash on Interstate 20 on March 6, 2017. A continuing investigation into the crash ultimately resulted in the charges being upgraded to first-degree soon thereafter.

Commercial lessees have to look out for their own interests

For many companies, their office space is one of the first impressions that they give to consumers or clients about who they are. Landlords of commercial properties understand this quite well. This is why rent payments tend to be one of the largest monthly expenses for any company.

Businesses should ensure that rent amounts reflect the facilities they lease, because they could be responsible for a large amount of money otherwise. Often times commercial leases can be written to remain in effect for several years.

Fighting for the full recovery of your losses after an accident

A car accident can leave you with various unexpected expenses and financial losses that can take a significant toll on your Georgia family. You may feel overwhelmed by the impact of your accident, but through a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover some of these losses. It is beneficial to be aware of the various types of damages you may be able to seek through a civil claim.

If you believe you may have a rightful claim to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, it is smart to take quick action to move forward with the appropriate course of legal action. This can ensure the preservation of important evidence. Recovery after an accident can be expensive, but you have options.

An elderly woman is killed in the Bobby Jones Walmart parking lot

A 79-year-old Augusta woman is dead and 51-year-old Hephzibah woman has been arrested for her death after a fatal car crash that occurred in the Walmart parking lot on the Bobby Jones Expressway. The defendant has been charged with both vehicular homicide and a failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk after striking the woman Friday afternoon.

According to police, the elderly woman had been walking within the crosswalk either coming into or out of the store just before 4:30 p.m. when a pickup truck being driven by the defendant fast approached. The woman was reportedly struck in the head by the truck's bumper and then once again as her body crashed on the asphalt lot.


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