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Atlanta health care included pulling the wrong teeth

People need to trust their doctors. It is one of the most fundamentally important parts of the doctor-patient relationship. Patients may return to the same doctor for decades because of a certain likable manner that engenders trust, and a patient may be put off of a life-saving surgeon because of a cocky attitude.

Reputation matters a lot when choosing a doctor. No one wants to face the need to sue a physician or a medical institution for medical malpractice after an injury, illness or disability due to an error or omission by clinical staff.

Atlanta refinancing happens at all levels of property value

There are many good reasons to refinance a property or other asset. The status of ownership may have changed due to a marriage or divorce. A better interest rate may be attractive enough to go through the process. In many cases, it is a financial necessity.

Refinancing can happen at all levels of investment. For example, the ongoing redevelopment of Atlanta and its environs has created a surge in big-ticket projects like hotels and exposition space. An existing hotel was just refinanced with a total of more than $83 million.

Company buyout brings changes to Atlanta housing market

It's hard to keep up with the housing market in Georgia. Reality television shows about investors hurriedly buying, renovating and selling old housing stock in Atlanta and Savannah are evidence of how development is in the Peach State and has been for the last decade.

One of Atlanta's largest home builders did have difficulty keeping up, as it had a backlog of more than 100 homes last month. This was reported as the company was sold to one of the nation's largest home builders as part of its expansion into new markets.

Should your company utilize non-disclosure agreements?

Employment contracts can protect the interests of many different types of Georgia small businesses. They can help outline expectations and responsibilities of both employer and employees, and they can reduce the chance of complications and disputes in the future. There is no one-size-fits-all employment contract, and you can craft yours to suit the individual needs of your company.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to consider including a non-disclosure agreement as part of your employment contracts. That will help you keep important information safe and proprietary information where it belongs. These types of agreements require the signee to keep specific types of information private, and your business can utilize them to protect intellectual property.

Georgia burn drive draws attention to the dangers of heat injury

Although many of the occurrences are not serious, burns make up a significant number of injuries in Georgia. The damage from excessive heat can range from lightly irritated skin to deep wounds that may cause permanent nerve damage, blood loss or even death.

Firefighters across the Peach State took a recent opportunity to draw attention to the dangers of burn injuries and the need to help victims. A nonprofit organization working with fire services and burn care centers across Georgia recently held its 30th annual fund drive, featuring the iconic boot drives with firefighters manning intersections and checkpoints collecting spare change in turnout gear.

Long-term prognosis for a moderate to severe brain injury

The human body is remarkable in the way that it responds and recovers from different types of trauma. Every person is different, and each person will have different recovery needs after an accident. This is especially true for people who suffered an injury to the brain in a motor vehicle collision.

Traumatic brain injuries are complex because they are largely unpredictable. It is difficult to know in the immediate aftermath what a person's long-term prognosis will be. If you or a loved one experienced a moderate to severe TBI, it can be helpful to take the time to learn more about what to expect from your recovery process and what you will need to get better and move forward.

What do you do when your exclusive use clause has been violated?

When you negotiated your current commercial lease, you took care to make sure that your landlord couldn't rent out space in the same building or complex to one of your direct competitors via an exclusive use or "exclusivity" clause.

Apparently, your landlord didn't quite comprehend what was meant by an "exclusive use clause." This is particularly a problem in large shopping centers among commercial enterprises because there can be a lot of crossover between businesses.

Eatonton accident may have involved drugs

The open road is as close as many people get to feeling true freedom. Unfortunately, many people in Georgia also never get closer to the risk of physical harm or even death than on the road. The speed and size of cars, trucks and other vehicles are always enough to cause trauma if something goes wrong.

Criminal charges in motor vehicle crashes are reserved for people who acted with malice, negligence or willful carelessness while causing the situation. One common reason for criminal charges after a car accident is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as they result in a state of mind that makes it impossible to drive responsibly.

What is the basis for medical malpractice in Georgia?

Everyone needs a doctor at some point. Most of us were brought into this world by a doctor. Many visits to a medical professional have saved lives. Unfortunately, a few encounters with doctors have also caused problems that were far worse than expected.

  • What are patients' options when doctors have acted improperly or incorrectly?

People who have suffered due to a doctor's actions, including incorrect prescriptions or wrong-side surgeries, may be able to sue for medical malpractice in civil court. This can result in financial damages for the medical expenses related to recovery and possible compensation for pain and emotional distress caused by the incident.

  • How does someone quantify the damage done in medical malpractice?

There are many reasons to seek a refinanced mortgage

Mortgages have been the middle class' path to homeownership since its creation. Although it is better known that these long-term loans are risky since the subprime mortgage crisis beginning in 2008, they have been costing their holders a lot of money for a very long time. One of the best ways to preserve the value of a mortgaged property is refinancing.

Refinancing is a way of creating a new loan or modifying one with a lower rate or principal amount. This reduces a holder's long-term liability for payments by charging less interest on the same amount or reducing the amount upon which interest is calculated. The difference has to be worth more than the costs of closing on a new mortgage.


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