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What can motorcyclists do to make themselves more visible?

One of the great thrills that come with riding a motorbike here in Augusta is that you can experience the freedom of riding down Georgia's many open roads. Motorcycles aren't all fun and games though. Motorcyclists have to worry about getting struck by the motorists that they share the roads with. One of the most common reasons why motorcycle riders get hit is because motorists claim that they didn't see them before they struck them. There are some things that motorcyclists can do to make themselves more visible though.

Motorcyclists can make themselves more visible to motorists by steering clear of car drivers' blind spots. You should make sure that you pass another motorist as quickly as possible. This will allow them to continue tracking your movements. If you move too slowly, they may forget about you and strike you as they change lanes.

What are some of the more common reasons for delayed closings?

It's quite common for you to have to select an attorney and for them to set a closing date soon after you enter into an agreement to either purchase or sell your home. What you may not realize is that the date often changes between the time when it's originally set and it takes place. There are many reasons why a real estate closing may get delayed.

One of the more common reasons why a closing may be delayed is because lenders need additional documentation to extend a loan to you. While most realtors will require for you to have a prequalification letter in place, that document generally outlines how an extension of a loan to you is contingent upon a re-verification of your financial statements. Your lender may ask you for updated pay stubs, tax forms and other documents before moving forward in underwriting your home loan.

A Richmond County middle schooler is struck, injured

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office filed charges against a county school bus driver on Dec. 23. The law enforcement agency alleges that the bus operator's actions on the afternoon of Dec. 13 resulted in a middle school student being struck by a passing sports utility vehicle (SUV).

A 12-year-old Pine Hill Middle School student was getting off her school bus at around 5:46 p.m. on the evening of Dec. 16 at her home located at 3800 Old Waynesboro Road.

Why do structural fires occur more often in the winter?

If you watch the news, then you may feel as if you hear a lot more about fires in the winter than you do during other seasons of the year. You're not imagining things. A study previously published by the United States Fire Administration pointed out how there's an uptick in structural fires during the winter. There are a few primary reasons that these blazes occur when it's cold outside.

One of the most common reasons fires occur during the cold weather months is because people use various devices to try to stay warm. Electric blankets and space heaters are two items that if used improperly or placed too close to flammable objects can cause a fire. This is especially the case if they're used for a prolonged amount of time.

Failed diagnosis could be medical malpractice

When you to go to your Georgia doctor, you trust that he or she will provide you with quality care and help you understand the problem. You assume that you will get the right diagnosis and leave with a treatment plan that will help you get better. Unfortunately, this does not happen when a doctor does not give the right diagnosis.

Failure to diagnose can lead to serious health problems for a patient. It is crucial for a doctor to take all of the appropriate steps to figure out what is going on. Whether it's through running certain tests or just listening carefully to a patient's concerns, a medical professional should meet a certain standard of care. Failure to do to this or giving the wrong diagnosis could be medical malpractice.

Should buyers and sellers have their own attorney at a closing?

In Georgia, it's a requirement for all real estate closings to be presided over by an attorney. Your lawyer performs many of the same responsibilities that a title company in many other states may carry out. Attorneys can help both buyers and sellers in many ways that title companies never could though.

First, you must know who the closing attorney represents. While they're generally hired by the lender to help facilitate the legal transaction of transferring real estate, the lawyer at the closing must be responsive to all parties involved. It's the closing attorney's job to respond to any legal questions that may arise as truthfully as possible if any of the other parties aren't represented by an attorney.

Are deadly car crashes on a decline?

In late October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation, released its annual fatal crash data report for 2018. These most recent statistics show that the number of overall fatalities last year was 2.4% less than the previous one. There was a significant decrease in highway fatalities between 2016 and 2017 as well.

NHTSA data shows that 36,560 individuals died on U.S. roadways in 2018. This is 913 fewer deaths than those that occurred in 2017. Those same statistics show that the fatality rate per 100 million miles also went down 3.4% to 1.13 this past year. This is the lowest that the fatality rate has been since 2014.

Refinancing declines as the Federal Reserve caps interest rates

Last month, the Federal Reserve Board announced that they're capping interest rates where they're at for the time being. There's been a decrease in mortgage applications since then. There are signs that fewer homeowners are interested in refinancing their loans as well.

Data compiled by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) shows that mortgage applications submitted decreased by 2.2% during the week ending on Nov. 15. The number of homeowners who pursued refinancing had increased by 13% as of Nov. 8. It decreased to 5% one week later.

Burn victims may undergo various types of skin graft procedures

Most individuals who burn themselves suffer relatively minor first-degree burns. These generally heal naturally over time without you having to give them much attention. This isn't the case with more serious second- or third-degree burns though. Individuals with this severe of an injury generally need to be hospitalized. Some patients may even need skin grafts if their burns are particularly large, deep or disfiguring.

There are various approaches that doctors use to secure the necessary skin that they need to perform a skin grafting surgery.

What details do you need to include in your commercial lease?

You've been searching for an affordable and appropriate space from which to run your Georgia business, and you're understandably excited when you find it. It may work for your budget, and it may be in the right location to allow you to better serve your customers, but there are reasons why you should slow down. Before you sign on the dotted line, you may want to give careful consideration to the terms of your agreement.

The terms of your commercial lease can affect you in more ways than you may realize. It is in the interests of your business to make sure that the right details are in there; otherwise, you may be risking the possibility of a problem in the future. Before you agree to anything, review the contract and determine if there is anything you may need to negotiate with the landlord. 


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